World’s First ‘Jumanji’ Land Opens at Chessington in U.K.

The world’s first “Jumanji”-themed land has opened at Chessington World of Adventures in the U.K.

The land, which consists of three new rides as well as an interactive experience, represents the single largest investment in Chessington’s history.

World of Jumanji includes the world’s first “Jumanj” rollercoaster, titled Mandrill Mayhem, a winged, launch, shuttle rollercoaster consisting of with 144 tonnes of steel track that turns riders upside down at 42 miles per hour. The ride sees guests sitting in the arms of a mandrill while dodging jungle hazards before rocketing to the summit of the 55ft tall Jaguar Shrine – and then travelling the track backwards.

In addition to the rollercoaster the new land also boasts Ostrich Stampede, a ride that sweeps guests in a circle while bumping them up and down in a motion that echoes the feel of a stampeding ostrich. Finally there’s Mamba Strike, in which visitors are swept skywards before swooping back down in a circular motion.

The land also features the Jaguar’s Eye Jewel – guests who locate it can lift the curse and save Jumanji as part of an ongoing adventure series – as well as a number of other activities themed to the show and a new refreshment stand selling “Jumanji”-themed cupcakes.

As part of the new land’s opening, the Chessington Safari Hotel has also re-decorated a number of its rooms to offer guests six “Jumanji”-inspired rooms.

The new area is the first dedicated land to open since Chessington-owner Merlin Entertainments inked an exclusive multi-territory deal with Sony’s Columbia Pictures Location Based Entertainment, who licensed “Jumanji” to the theme park.






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