Meet Wonder Woman’s New Superheroic Daughter, Trinity

Wonder Woman’s daughter Trinity in a variant cover for Wonder Woman #800.

When it comes to big name superheroes, there’s a couple of story threads that you can often expect from them. They’ll reboot, they’ll die (and have someone replace them for a bit), and they’ll get boosted to a ridiculously powerful cosmic status. You can also expect them to have a kid—though it can often be done for an alternate version of the hero, it’s gradually become more of a thing in the mainline canon, as we’ve seen with Batman and Superman.

DC Comics is now adding Wonder Woman to that parental set. With the character’s incoming run from Tom King and Daniel Sampere, the duo are set to give her a daughter by the name of Trinity. The character’s set to make her first appearance in Wonder Woman’s 800th anniversary issue in June, which will then lead into their debut issue in September. And she’s set to be a “core part” of the pair’s run: after appearing in a story set 20 years in the future, and King and Sampere’s run will gradually show her origins and how she became the new Wonder Woman.

Speaking to IGN, King credited comic artist (and his frequent collaborator) Mitch Gerads with the idea, saying it spawned from an idea about an all-ages follow up to their breakout Mister Miracle comic. That story, said King, would’ve seen “Jon [Kent] and Damian [Wayne] babysitting Scott and Barda’s kid, Jack. This got me thinking about the son of Batman and the son Superman as older brother babysitters and how really the person they should be looking after is their little sister, the daughter of Wonder Woman. […] After I had that idea in my head, I couldn’t get it out.”

As for the ‘how’ of Trinity, King’s keeping that close to the chest. The character’s origins will be gradually revealed during the course of the series, but he assured that the book’s primary focus will be on Diana and the relationship between the two women. Though every issue will “show the readers how awesome Diana Prince is, how relevant she is to today’s world,” he also teased that Trinity’s feelings of inadequacy would play a huge part of her journey. Being the daughter of a world famous hero “has an impact on Trinity that can’t be underestimated. […] It is not enough for Trinity to find her independence; she has to learn what it means to be the daughter of Diana.”

Young adult superheroes are currently having a moment in and out of comics, but King was candid in saying it was Damian and Jon specifically who influenced Trinity. Their short-lived team up comic Super Sons (by Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi) have come to define the two, and they’ve both since blossomed into their own characters that have seen life in expanded media. Much like how the two Super Sons have come to reflect their respective fathers, the aim for Trinity was to be “someone who could reflect the greatness of Wonder Woman and still show a next possible step for the ideals embodied in that very impactful and very unique hero.”

Trinity will show up in Wonder Woman #800 on June 20. King & Sampere’s Wonder Woman #1 will then release in September.






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